Our Return To The Camino - New Adventures, New Lessons....


It feels as though I’ve stepped into a time machine and fast forwarded to Burgos, Spain, April 2019. Exactly the place I ended last July with my beloved, and greatest teacher (A.K.A., my biggest challenge), my husband, Luc. 

We had the intention of trekking the second leg of the Camino de Santiago this summer. However, knowing how hard it is to get away with both of our schedules, if I didn’t jump on this perfect April gap of time now, it most likely wouldn’t have happened. As for anyone who knows Luc and hockey, it’s going to be a busy summer—not to mention all the exciting things I have going on.

Yikes—I haven’t even posted my writings from my trip to India, Bhutan and the 14-day silent Vipassanã retreat (YET)!

A lot has happened in the last five months since I’ve been back in the country, which, no doubt, you’ll be hearing bits and pieces about throughout these next two weeks.

So, get ready … the wacky adventures have started—and we haven’t even begun yet.

Until now.

After the 18-hour journey getting here, and not quite six hours of sleep, we are about to step our soles back into the rich soil of the Camino de Santiago. ;)

Van ride to Burgos.

Van ride to Burgos.