DAY FOUR: Beautiful Surrender As We Reach Pamplona


After yesterday’s eventful twenty-two-mile trek, today was a breeze, as we only had to walk eleven miles into Pamplona. Although, our bodies would disagree. 

I felt Luc and I really surrendered into one another today; knowing this is our Camino, a shared experience between two very different souls, yet two souls who have a common great need of goodness.                    

There was a lot of respect and patience in our tightly shared space. All of a sudden, we were on the exact same mission. 

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

The Camino has a way of unfolding life right in front of your eyes, and if you’re open to it, teaching you lessons without the common distractions of the daily lives we get lost in. 

Luc and I have always loved one another deeply, but it hasn’t been an easy life.

I’m looking forward to the days to come; hoping we bring back a mutual understanding of what can help us grow as a team. A team who has separate lives and interests, yet when we’re alone together, our presence takes us to a place where nothing else exists but the world we have created together. 

Life is too precious to let all the distractions build a wedge between one another. I think Luc has been slowly waking up to this—and now, it’s just him and I navigating through space and time.

Our wedge, bit by bit, is dissolving here on the Camino de Santiago. A gift we can take home with us and continually learn on our own Camino together, wherever we may be. 


My heart is full. 

My body is throbbing from the soles of my feet to my aching shoulders. 

Life is good. 

Now, for a little night life in Pamplona. ;)